ECCU Credit Bureau

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THE CREDIT PORTFOLIO OF SURINAMESE BANKS: A Comparative Analysis of its Quality with Banks in Trinidad & Tobago – Thesis by Nawien Ghisiawan October 2016

Services/ Solutions/ Resources

  • CAB Web Portal with 'Members Only Online Access' to knowledge, statistical information, and key links to Caribbean/CARICOM Affiliates and the wider global financial community, all tailored to the financial services industry.
  • Advertising on CAB's Web Portal, thereby reaching target audiences across the imminent CSME, FTAA markets. Benefits of advertising through this interactive online forum are as follows:
    • Communicate and market your products/ services to the 18 CAB member states, across the Caribbean/ CARICOM region in a "live" environment;
    • Achieve a substantially broader reach than via traditional print advertising methods;
    • Achieve global exposure for your company/ product/ service;
    • Become affiliated with the Caribbean's foremost online representative and electronic presence for financial services and Caribbean regional information.
  • Annual Conference, hosted in a different country within the Caribbean/CARICOM Region in the fourth quarter of each year, primarily with the assistance of a cadre of distinguished sponsors. Members enjoy significantly reduced registration fees. The Conference provides the ideal forum for Caribbean Banks and Financial Institutions faced with daunting challenges: the rapidly changing marketplace, competition from unlikely sources, lack of resources, tough economic circumstances, rapid technological developments and an uncertain return on investment to gain first-hand experience and share best practices and lots of practical ideas from:
    • seasoned bankers who are succeeding in today's marketplace
    • dynamic speakers who are industry expert
  • Annual Magazine, Caribbean Account, published in the fourth quarter of the year, the magazine provides comprehensive insights into the many issues, both regional and global, facing banks/financial institutions in today's ever changing marketplace. It also features successes and challenges of members across the region and will prove to be a valuable tool to all your staff, valued customers and business partners. The magazine is offered to member s at an attractive reduced price.
  • Advertising in Caribbean Account, one of the most competitive advertising mediums that reach a target audience across the Caribbean/CARICOM region.
  • Newsletters, published monthly, members have an open invitation to make literary contributions, use it for educational/research material for your staff and advertise services or job vacancies etc.
  • Training usually conducted in partnership with our carefully selected Strategic Business Partners
  • Database of key ratios and statistics compiled from our members' Balance Sheets and Financial Statements, readily available through easy web access.
  • Networking, by far one of the greatest benefits in terms of building solid business contacts, that along with the camaraderie and friendships that are always being fostered, will make membership in this Association worth your while. The Annual Conference has over the years afforded members an ideal environment to initiate Business Development contacts, many of which have blossomed into successful business endeavours.
  • Staff Exchanges between members, within and between countries with a view to broadening staff knowledge and experience.

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