The Caribbean Association of Banks, Inc. is the representative body and the recognized voice for banks and other financial institutions in the Caribbean. We seek to influence policies and legislation which impact the sector by advocating on our members’ behalf and participating in the global network of similar institutions.

Additionally, we provide opportunities for discussion on issues impacting the financial services community, sharing of information, experiences and networking.

We are guided by the following main pillars of our value proposition to our members:

  • Superior Advocate
  • Premier Networking Platform
  • Facilitation of Industry Cooperation and Harmonization
  • Reliable and Relevant Source of Information
  • Facilitation of Industry-Specific Education and Training
  • Benefits of Economies of Scale through Cost Reduction and Sharing of Services.

Our values are based on achieving and maintaining high training deliverables; excellent service; financial viability; productive and engaged association members, through:

  1. Integrity: We are truthful, transparent and deliver what is promised.
  2. Accountability: We accept the responsibility for the consequences of our actions and uphold the principles of good corporate governance.
  3. Commitment: We agree to live up to our responsibilities.
  4. Confidentiality: We adhere to agreements and standards on disclosure of information
  5. Cooperation: We are willing to work with others to achieve a common goal.
  6. Capacity Building: We agree to focus on developing people and providing access to value added services.