To be the collective voice that protects, promotes and strengthens the regional banking sector.


To proactively influence matters of interest to financial institutions through advocacy and education.

Core Values:

Our values are based on achieving and maintaining high training deliverables; excellent service; financial viability; productive and engaged association members, through:

  1. Integrity: We are truthful, transparent and deliver what is promised.
  2. Accountability: We accept the responsibility for the consequences of our actions and uphold the principles of good corporate governance.
  3. Commitment: We agree to live up to our responsibilities.
  4. Confidentiality: We adhere to agreements and standards on disclosure of information
  5. Cooperation: We are willing to work with others to achieve a common goal.
  6. Capacity Building: We agree to focus on developing people and providing access to value added services.”

The CAB is guided by the following main pillars of our value proposition:

  • Effective Advocacy
  • Premier Networking Platform
  • Facilitation of Industry Cooperation and Harmonization
  • Reliable and Relevant Source of Information
  • Facilitation of Industry-Specific Education and Training
  • Benefits of Economies of Scale through Cost Reduction and Sharing of Services

CAB's Strategic Imperatives