Antigua and Barbuda’s CIP thrust into the spotlight once more

25-year old Alexandre Cazes, along with his wife allegedly founded one of the largest “dark website” marketplaces (a website which is hosted on networks which use the internet but are not indexed by search engines and require specific requirements to gain access and also allow anonymous communication between networks) on the web.

The website was used to sell illegal drugs, stolen information and devices, cyber weapons, firearms and other toxic chemicals globally. The website was shut down by the U.S. Department of Justice, following which Cazes committed suicide.

The US has turned its attention to the properties Cazes purchased in Antigua and Barbuda under the CIP. When asked for comment PM Gaston Browne stated “I would suggest you get into contact with the CIP unit. I was told that the person passed through US and JRCC due diligence.”

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