Antigua Student Aces CAPE® Financial Services Studies 🇦🇬

Miss Kiasha Warner is the second recipient of the Caribbean Association of Banks (CAB) Inc. Award for Most Outstanding Performance in CAPE® Financial Services Studies. A student of Antigua State College in Antigua & Barbuda, Miss Warner was so recognised when the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC®) hosted its 2022 Regional Top Award Ceremony. Miss Warner received a trophy, and an award of USD $2,500.00 from CAB, the representative body and established voice for the regional banking and financial services community.

Outstanding student awardees received their awards during a virtual Regional Top Awards Ceremony, hosted by The Turks and Caicos Islands. The award ceremony was live streamed via CXC® TV at The CXC® Annual Awards Programme serves to motivate the region’s students and acknowledge their hard work. Miss Warner was presented with her award by Mrs Rosa Greenaway, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Sports and Creative Industries in Antigua and Barbuda.

The successful candidate was congratulated by CAB CEO, Ms. Wendy Delmar, who said:

“It is once again a great pleasure for us at CAB, our Board of Directors, our members, and our secretariat, to extend our warmest congratulations to Miss Kiasha Warner, our top performing student in Financial Services Studies at the 2022 CAPE exams. As we continue working with CXC to refine the curriculum and make it more relevant to our students and the emerging needs of our region, it is hoped that we will have a growing pool of candidates for this exciting and important subject. We are certainly proud of Miss Warner for setting a high standard.”

Financial Services Studies is considered a “New Generation” CAPE® subject, having been introduced in 2016. These subjects were introduced in response to the changing social and economic demands of the Caribbean. Specifically, CAPE® Financial Services Studies is intended to assist in the formal preparation and certification of Caribbean persons to access an untapped market space and contribute to the development of more competent international financial services experts in an area which is poised for high profitable growth across the region.

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