Episode 2 of 2020, featuring Mr. Nigel M. Baptiste, Republic Financial Holdings Limited (Part 1 of 2)

In 2019, Republic Financial Holdings Limited completed the acquisition of seven operations in the eastern Caribbean, adding 350 team members to its staff complement, US$1.5 billion to the Group’s total asset size, and US$20 million to its net profits. Republic Bank (EC) Limited became one of the latest members of the Caribbean Association of Banks Inc., and we took the opportunity to speak with Mr. Baptiste about RFHL’s ambitions, coping with a global pandemic, and more. Enjoy.

Episode 1 of 2020, featuring Hon. Earl Jarrett, Jamaica National Group

The Jamaica National Group Ltd., via JN Bank UK, is the first bank of Caribbean origin to attain a UK banking licence, and the Caribbean Association of Banks Inc. commends the JN Group on this historic achievement. CAB was granted an exclusive interview with Hon. Earl Jarrett, CEO, Jamaica National Group Ltd., to further discuss this milestone. The discourse was truly rich and impactful, and we invite you to listen to the podcast.

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