CAB Collaborates with FIBA & FIU to Repeat Popular AML Training in Trinidad

Contact: Chris Girard
Phone Number: 1-758-4522877

Caribbean Association of Banks collaborates with FIBA and FIU to bring finance professionals together, once again, and provide them with training and certification in Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Risk. The training, which took place in March 2014, was broken down into two popular workshops with one day for the AML/CFT Risk Assessment and two days for the AMLCA certification

The workshops attracted Risk, Compliance, Audit and Regulatory professionals from government, banking and other financial services institutions, throughout the Caribbean.

For the AML/CFT Risk Assessment training participants learnt how to:

  • Develop the Risk profile of a financial institution
  • Analyse the characteristics of a corporate customer and assign its risk rating.
  • Identify risks and weaknesses so that internal controls can be put into place to prevent systemic failures that may lead to financial or reputational losses.

Participants of the AMLCA certification acquired and enhanced their skills regarding:

  • Identifying and examining major money laundering risks
  • Examining, implementing and enhancing internal controls, policies and procedures to enhance the compliance function

The facilitator, Ms. Ana Maria de Alba, delivered highly practical and up to date content for both workshops and was successful in creating a lively environment in which much useful sharing, as well as learning, took place. Ms. De Alba is a risk management and banking consultant with over 25 years combined experience and training in the banking and consulting services industries. She provides forensic investigation, litigation support and risk management consulting services to the banking community all over the world and has provided significant consultancy in the Caribbean.

Participants were very happy to benefit from such important training which equipped them in dealing with the growing risk of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

CAB Collaborates

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