Caribbean Banking Professionals Receive Social Media Training

A total of 22 participants from 12 organisations in six different territories took part in a training session hosted by the Caribbean Association of Banks (CAB) Inc. The two-day workshop, entitled Social Selling Re-Invented, prepared participants to more effectively connect with potential clients via social media, and to more readily use Web 2.0 tools for sales and marketing.

Registrants from Antigua and Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, and Suriname convened at the Coco Palm Resort in Rodney Bay Village, Saint Lucia for two days, 8-9 April 2019. Under the guidance of facilitator Mr. Paul Watts they learned how to realise the power of the world’s most influential business-to-business online selling tool, LinkedIn. They were taught how to leverage social media to promote their company’s products and services. And they were better enabled to become their customers’ business partner, and optimise profitability.

Mr. Watts is a sales performance coach and podcast host, the founder of Canadian-based sales training company, Base Over Apex Inc. Also the host of the Sales Reinvented Podcast, Watts was directly involved in corporate sales for 17 years. During that time, he excelled in the field of new business development and lead generation, deriving critical learnings that he is passing on through his coaching.

The workshop included marketing, relationship, HR, personal banking, and customer service leads from 1st National Bank St. Lucia Ltd., Amicus Legal, Antigua Commercial Bank, Bank of Montserrat, Bank of Saint Lucia, the Caribbean Association of Audit Committee Members, Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank, Innovative Business Solutions Inc., National Bank of the Virgin Islands, National Bank of Dominica Ltd., and Republic Bank Suriname.

Facilitation of industry-specific education and training is one of the pillars on which the CAB was founded. The CAB offers members a Chartered Banker Scholarship, and banking professionals can access the Credit Skills Academy (Foundation and Advanced) on the association’s website. The CAB also partners with organisitions like ComplianceAid, the FIBA Institute, and Florida School of Banking for training and education.


“22 participants from 12 organisations in six different territories were taught how to better leverage social media to promote their company’s products and services.”

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