CARICOM unity crumbles at OAS meeting

On May 31st, CARICOM nationals felt a sense of pride as the region stood with solidarity influencing the OAS to adopt a non-interventionist approach to the Venezuelan crisis. The OAS agreed to merge the Draft offered by CARICOM with the one offered by the U.S. and its partners. According to Sir Ronald Sanders who was one of the ambassadors appointed to work on the merger, the new draft was predominantly CARICOM based.

The new draft was set to be voted on during the OAS meeting on June 20th.  On June 16th,  St. Vincent wrote a letter to CARICOM advising that they would not support this new draft.

CARICOM heads met on the morning of June 20th before the meeting to confirm the stance of the CARICOM heads, again only St. Vincent dissented. However, after the draft was introduced for voting later that morning, not only St. Vincent but four other CARICOM countries broke ranks without warning, leaving the OAS once again at an impasse and shattering any perception of unity CARICOM had on this issue.

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