To check your eligibility prior to submitting a formal application, please email a copy of your CV to Following pre-entry screening, there are three steps to complete to become a Chartered Banker, which should take approximately 12 weeks.

Step 1: Critical Self-Evaluation

In the Critical Self-Evaluation, you will complete 3 reflective statements, each of between 800- 1200 words, in which we ask you to:

  • Look back at your experience and key events during your professional career to date
  • Critically reflect on and analyse your experience from different perspectives
  • Think carefully about what your experience and key events have meant for you and your current professional practice
  • Demonstrate what you have learned from your experience, and how you apply these lessons in your professional practice today

To successfully complete Step 1, you will need to demonstrate:

  • Substantial knowledge, skills, understanding and practical application of at least one key area of banking
  • Substantial knowledge, understanding and practical application of the evolution of banking services with particular reference to technology and the evolution of banking strategies
  • Your impact as a leader, manager, coach and/
    or mentor throughout your career, with particular reference to leading through a period of change

Step 2: Professional Ethics Assignment

In the Professional Ethics assignment we ask you to:

  • Describe the key principles of ethical and professional behaviour in the banking environment and explain why these are important
  • Reflect on situations at work where you have been faced with ethical dilemmas, consider how you dealt with these and how these have impacted your professional practice today

To successfully complete Step 2, you will need to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to apply relevant ethical principles, including the Chartered Banker Code, make appropriate decisions, and use your professional judgement to guide you and others in situations in which ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest arise.

We provide you with a copy of the Institute’s Professionalism & Ethics study guide, and access to our wide range of online resources, including the Institute’s Ethics, Culture and Conduct Toolkit, to help you complete the Professional Ethics assignment.

Step 3: Presentation & Professional Discussion

Approximately 3-4 weeks after completing your Critical Self-Evaluation and Professional Ethics assignment, you will meet your assessor to explore in depth, your experience, expertise and suitability to become a Chartered Banker. You should set aside at least 3 hours for this meeting, which comprises two components.


Your presentation should be based on the Professional Ethics assignment that you have completed, and should last around 30 minutes, including time for questions and discussion
with your assessor. In your presentation, you should bring to life one or more ethical dilemmas you have faced in your career, explaining in detail the situation, how you approached this, the immediate impact on you and others, and the longer-term impact on your professional practice today.

Professional Discussion

Your Professional Discussion with your assessor will last for up to 2 hours, and is designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate in detail how your experience meets the Institute’s requirements for the award of Chartered Banker status.

The discussion is based on:

  • Your career and experience, as set out in your CV (you will be expected to talk about different roles you have held, the knowledge and skills gained from each, and how insights from former roles influence your professional practice today)
  • Your Critical Self-Evaluation
  • The requirements of the Advance Standard for Professional Bankers (where relevant)
  • Your Professional Ethics assignment and Presentation

Your assessor may ask you to bring additional evidence to support your discussion in respect of your banking experience or potential gaps in meeting the Chartered Banker by Experience requirements, where these have been identified.

To successfully complete this final step, you will need to demonstrate to your assessor that you meet the Institute’s requirements for the award of Chartered Banker status, and that, as a member of the Chartered Banker Institute, your professional practice will be conducted in accordance with the customer-focused, ethical professionalism set out in the Chartered Banker Code.

Following your professional discussion, you will receive confirmation of your assessor’s decision within 4 weeks.