“Dear Executive Member

Happy New Year!  May success chase you as you move forward ambitiously towards achieving your goals in 2017.

At the last annual CAB conference in November; the Credit Skills Academy Executive Briefing Centre was officially launched.

This development of a new section within the Academy; was at the request of several Senior Executives within the Caribbean region who have an interest in our Academy; but want access to materials to provide enhanced knowledge on Credit Skills and Risk Management. This course can lead to an annual Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificate issued by CAB; based on 35 hours of study during the year.

The existing Academy Foundation and Advanced Level courses have been progressing extremely well and we now have eight Caribbean countries on board with a number of Academy members having completed the Foundation Level and moved onto the Advanced Level program.

One person is currently taking the final test to graduate from the Advanced Level course.

A recent testimonial:

Good afternoon Keith,

I must say this has been quite an adventure and i wish i had known of this program when i was first introduced to credit, it would have saved me so much ‘bloppers’ and  ‘ wasted time’.

I really enjoyed the program as it also helped me immensely by offering deep insights into proposals i was in the process of preparing.

Some topics were new to me since they are not utilized in our region but overall, i have gained so much more and I’d like to thank you so very much.

 The Effective Board of Directors

 As stated within the World Bank’s Governance Report of 2010 *

– “Whatever the composure of the Board; including Non exec Directors; there is a particular need for effective Credit risk appraisal and Management techniques”.

* Ref: Bank Governance, Lessons from the Financial Crisis, Crisis Response, World Bank Group, March 2010, Note Number 13, p.3


Here at the Credit Skills Academy, we endeavor to improve Credit risk management and lending techniques, using the latest technology.

If you refer to the attached Executive Briefing Centre leaflet you will see that the content can be accessed anytime and anywhere; on your computer/ tablet/  iPad or smartphone. All you will need is an Internet connection.

The following Executive Modules, hosted on the CAB website, are available for all Board Members and Senior Management:

  1. Credit Risk Management
  2. Business Strategy and Value added
  3. Business Risk and Industry Analysis
  4. Asset Risk Rating
  5. Large Company Analysis and Valuation Methods
  6. Loan Syndications
  7. Specialised Lending and Project Finance
  8. Cash flow early warning signals
  9. Debt Restructuring

10.Building and Construction Industry

If you would like to know more about this new Executive section of the Credit Skills Academy, please contact Keith Checkley directly at  Keith.checkley@yahoo.com ; or myself at Mary.Popo@cab-inc.com

We look forward to hearing from you.”

  • Knowledge at your fingertips! On demand; anytime/anywhere – Continuous Credit Risk Management Information
  • Corporate Intranet or Internet Based
  • Access on computer; laptop; tablet or suitable smartphone
  • Materials accredited by Chartered Banker Institute www.charterbanker.com

Keith Checkley & Associates (UK) working in association with Caribbean Association of Banks Inc.