ECCU Bankers Association Elects New Leadership

On 30th July 2021, The Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) Bankers Association elected a new executive to run its affairs and Saint Lucian Ms. Carol Mangal became its 7th President. Ms. Mangal is the first woman to lead this organization.

Ms. Mangal, a career Banker with over 33 years’ experience in the industry, is currently the President of the Bankers Association of Saint Lucia. Under her leadership, the Bankers Association of Saint Lucia has found renewed purpose and direction, and may be considered a model for other bankers associations in the region; there is an increased level of engagement with members and other stakeholders, such as the government and other interest groups, as the association works collaboratively to solve some of the island and region’s current burning issues.

ECCU Bankers Association was established in 2004 under the Presidency of Hugh F. Pinard, to promote, foster, and advocate for the common interest of banking institutions and the banking industry generally in the countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union. The Association is made up of Bankers Associations in the Currency Union territories of Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Montserrat, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, and St Vincent & The Grenadines.

Past Presidents of the ECCU Bankers Associations were:

  • Hugh F. Pinard
  • Michel D. Williams
  • Derry Williams
  • Andy Delmar (deceased)
  • Roger Archer
  • Michael Spencer

The full executive, which will serve for a two-year term, comprises:

  • Carol Mangal – President (Saint Lucia)
  • Derry Williams – Vice President (St Vincent & the Grenadines)
  • Baldwin Taylor – Secretary (Montserrat)
  • Steve Farier – Treasurer (St Kitts & Nevis)

Ms. Mangal takes on the mantle as President of the ECCU Bankers Association at inarguably the most challenging time since its formation, with the COVID-19 pandemic still wreaking havoc across our economies and impacting lives. The ECCU Bankers Association is now in unchartered waters as it focuses on how best it can assist the citizenry in the ECCU through the granting of moratoriums and restructuring of debts, which are critical to the maintenance of income stability and the recovery of the economies of our member states.

The Bankers Association of Saint Lucia has congratulated its President on her recent appointment and wishes her success in the role.

The Caribbean Association of Banks (CAB) Inc. has also sent its regards to the new sub-regional leadership team. Ms. Mangal was featured on the CAB interview series, Lady Leadership. Her full interview is on the organisation’s YouTube page. CAB has enjoyed a fruitful working relationship with Ms. Mangal, the Bankers Association of Saint Lucia, and the ECCU Bankers Association, as the umbrella body for the banking and financial services sector across the broader Caribbean region.

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