Gonesh Assumes the Reigns At Surichange Bank

PARAMARIBO – Herman Vijzelman, Chief Executive Officer of Suriname’s Surichange Bank NV, has retired. After running the bank for two years, he stepped back on July 15. The position of acting CEO is assumed by Terence Gonesh, who has also been named Commercial Director. The management and supervisory board reported the personnel changes in recent days.

A press release states that Mr. Gonesh has been appointed to the new position “with the full support of the supervisory board and the shareholders of the bank and with the approval of the Central Bank of Suriname.” He is no stranger to the Surinamese banking industry and has gained many years of knowledge and experience at both Dutch and local banks, the financial institution writes. “We therefore have every confidence that he will make a substantial contribution to the development of Surichange Bank NV and wish him every success in this.”

The new commercial director must focus on institutional strengthening and the structural strengthening of the bank’s market position. To this end, a new strategic multi-year plan has been drawn up for implementation. The bank will be modernized in line with the needs of the market. “Service to customers and expansion of the service package to local customers and the diaspora will be central,” said the management and supervisory board of Surichange Bank.

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