Cost-effective, Tailored, Consistent, High-Quality Protection for Comprehensive Crime, Cyber Crime Civil Liability insurance and Directors and Officers Liability insurance. CAB has made available to its members a market-leading special insurance scheme offering high-quality insurance protection at much-reduced cost.

 People, money, and merchandise move around the globe faster than ever before. As technology gets smarter and cheaper, the banking industry has evolved to become highly reliant on digital speed and efficiencies to optimise the consumer experience.

 But criminals are evolving too. Every transaction leaves a footprint and there are substantial increases in the velocity and sophistication of attacks on our clients’ infrastructure. The growing use of digital channels generates new avenues for financial crime making it ever more challenging to prove who was responsible. Many existing insurance products do not provide the protection which is essential to the fast-changing banking industry or place restrictions on coverage, which renders elements of the policy ineffective, such as providing proof of criminal intent.

Howden’s market-leading products have changed the dynamics of insurance by redefining what is possible.  We have designed modern policies and programmes that provide protection far beyond what has been too long accepted. We are the fastest growing specialist broking team in Europe because we focus on improving insurance products in ways that reflect the risks faced by our clients’ business.  These number over 130 banks and 1,500 asset and fund managers worldwide that understand the importance of an active and expert approach to insurance.