National Bank of Anguilla Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer: TBA
PO Box 44, The Valley, ANGUILLA
Tel: (264) 497 2101/4, Fax: (264) 497 3310

Established in 1985, with the purchase of the Anguilla operations¬†of Bank of America, National Bank of Anguilla Ltd¬†(NBA) is a publicly owned company offering residents a¬†variety of personal and commercial banking products and¬†services. It operates from (2) branches and has a staff complement¬†of (131). National Bank of Anguilla Ltd currently has¬†(12) ATM‚Äôs including (1) Mobile ATM, the largest network on¬†the island. In terms of market share NBA is the largest commercial¬†bank operating in Anguilla. Its wholly owned subsidiary¬†NBA (Private Banking & Trust) Ltd, incorporated to¬†provide Offshore Financial Services on Anguilla to non-resident¬†clients, became fully operational in April 2005. NBA is¬†“Committed to achieve excellence in financial services¬†through skilled and dedicated management and staff for the¬†benefit of customers, shareholders and the community.” Its¬†audited asset base was US$412.15 million as at March 2008.