• As of January 1, 2022, the CAB represents over 80 member institutions, with an asset base in excess of US$41Billion.Our membership complement spans three (3) categories – General, Service, and Associate members – and includes three (3) Honorary Members, namely the Caribbean Development Bank, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and the Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance.

      Our member institutions are spread throughout 20 countries, predominantly in the Caribbean, South America, and Central America, with some service members based in Canada and the USA.

      Some benefits enjoyed by CAB members include:

      • Regional & International Reach – represent members at local, regional, and international meetings and influence policy decisions at the highest levels in CARICOM.
      • Advocacy – we lobby and negotiate on behalf of our members at regional and international fora.
      • COFAP– observer status on CARICOM’s Council of Finance and Planning (COFAP), thus providing members opportunities to influence policy decisions impacting the industry.
      • AML– assist in the strengthening and reinforcement of AML/ATF through the establishment of the Caribbean Anti Money Laundering (AML) Principles in 2009.
      • Co-Branding– a listing, description of service and link to all members website is provided from the Association’s website Cab-inc.com
      • Contacts – access to the Association’s mailing list, for business development, social networking, information sharing, etc.
      • Marketing – access to wider branding and high value visibility through advertisement in the Association’s Annual Magazine
      • Newsletter– updated information on what’s happening in the industry, in each other’s institutions, and in the region.
      • Exposure – an open invitation to submit articles for our publications and E-newsletter and to share best practice.
      • Advertising – sharing of job vacancies, training and development opportunities via our website and social media platforms at preferential rates.
      • Exclusivity – access to our “Members Only” database section of our website which contains a wide cross-section of regulatory, compliance, and research information as well as bank-specific statistics and other data.
      • Concessions– special discounted and concessionary rates from vendors and training partners for training, seminars, conferences, advertising and other services.
      • Preferred partners – when identifying providers for training and development as requested by members, our service partners will get right of first refusal.
      • Secretariat Support– a dedicated Secretariat team providing member services and support.
      • Member Development– opportunities for professional development through training and education, including undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships.