OECD resumes the Tax-Heaven Shame Game, Target: Trinidad and Tobago

The OECD has applauded efforts in the fight against tax evasion, and stated that strong progress has been made concerning tax transparency.

They then went on to name Trinidad and Tobago as “the last blacklisted tax haven”.

The Tax Justice Network, a popular campaign group in the fight against tax evasion had this to say:

“…Over the last few years, the OECD has indeed made great progress in some areas of tax transparency . . . It’s disheartening then to see the OECD fall back into the old pattern of creating ‘tax haven’ blacklists on the basis of criteria that are so weak as to be near enough meaningless, and then declaring success when the list is empty. …. the US is the elephant in the room. If you were going to produce a tax haven blacklist with only one member, it wouldn’t be a small Caribbean island — it would be tax haven USA”

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