Tensions rise between Venezuela and the US at OAS meeting

The US deputy secretary of state, John Sullivan pleaded with the OAS member states at the organization’s General Assembly on Tuesday in Mexico concerning the unrest in Venezuela. He called for the formation of “a group of friends” to mediate in an effort to stop the violence, free political prisoners and call elections.

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodriguez accused the US of wanting to take advantage of her country’s oil wealth. The US responded that the accusations were “distractions, distortions and irrelevancies”

This sparked intense response from Venezuela: “I think the only way they (the U.S.) can impose their will is with their Marines, who would be met with a swift response in Venezuela, should they dare to intervene.”

Link: http://caribbeanbusiness.com/venezuela-us-spar-at-oas-meeting-in-mexico/

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